A little about me

My Name is Jodi .... I absolutely love working with children. My entire adult life, has been dedicated to working and nurturing young minds.

As a young girl I always knew I wanted to grow up and be a mom.
Once I married, I started my own daycare business, at the same time started to build my own family.I was blessed with 3 beautiful daughters. (and now 6 adorable grandchildren)
Once my girls were in school full time, I left daycare and started working for the Shakopee school district.
                           My days were filled working with the educationally challenged kids.

                          After 6 years, I felt the need to get back to working with the younger kids. Nothing is more gratifying                          than watching the wheels spin, of a young child. Assisting in their eagerness to learn, by encouraging                            their minds to believe, they can be anything and do anything, our world has to offer.

                   I am a licensed Childcare provider                         Certified in :   CPR

                              Located in                                                                   Shaken Baby

                      Shakopee., Minnesota                                                            SUIDS

                           Licensed thru                                                                  First Aid

                          Scott County


                                                         Extra trainings I have participated in:

"Mixed age Groups in Early Childhood Programs"

"Infant Safety"

'Early Childhood Stress" serious stress in children's lives.

"Discipline with Dignity"

"Living with the Active Alert Child"

"Play in the lives of Children"


                        My Goal for your child

Is to provide an environment parents can feel at ease,
knowing their child is well taken care of.
To be a place, where children can come explore, play, and learn.
I want to provide the necessities to their future. since our kids are, our future,
and I would like to make a difference in theirs....
I am not looking to just provide daycare.
I am looking to provide excellent daycare that makes a difference
in the life of your child, for the better.

                   A grownup, is a child with layers on...