Jodi's Jungle Gym 

                                                 Childcare and Early Learning

My goal is to teach children to be the best that they can be and to have fun doing it.
I offer many preschool learning activities, where the children learn everything they need to know for kindergarten, incorporated with lots of play.
I live in hopes that my home can become your child's second home, feeling safe and loved.
So this leaves you with Peace of Mind.

Children learn through play. 
Play is not a waste of time or a frivolous activity. 
It is a child’s very important work. Through play children build self confidence and develop self awareness. 
They practice language and communication with peers and grow socially and emotionally. 
They learn and practice negotiation and teamwork. 
They begin to care for others and the environment. 
They develop and hone physical skills such as balance, core strength, visual tracking and gross and fine motor coordination. 
Most of all, children learn how to learn and discover the world around them. I want them to become good citizens. 
It is not my job to teach them to read and do math. 
We will learn some of that along the way, but it is not the focus of our day.    

                                                                                            My Thought

I believe that family childcare is a very important extension of you and your child's family.  As your child becomes involved in the daily routines they will see the connections between home and family childcare, in a friendly and supporting way. 

A flexible daily program will respond to the needs and interests of the children, individually, and in group settings.

I believe children should have fun! Studies show that preschool age children learn most through play and I formed my daycare on this philosophy.

The early years are so short and your child(ren) will be exposed to a much more structured form of learning all too soon. I encourage children to learn and develop at their own level, which will give them a sense of confidence and self-importance.

I truly believe that children learn to play as they play to learn; therefore my program offers plenty of times for free play, to allow the children the opportunity to role-play, experiment and just have fun!

 We practice our ABC’s and 123's on a regular basis. Alphabet recognition and thinking of corresponding words is another way we learn. We have many preschool activities, to prepare and be ready for our kindergarten and beyond years.